Mental Health

To Whomsoever, Dealing with Mental fog!

We All make Mistakes

It’s Going to be alright

We’re here to Listen

Talk your Heart out

Be Grateful for Life,because few are fighting for it

There’s Always something to Look forward to

You Are Loved and Lovable

Be Easy on Yourself first

Today my heart felt so strongly to write this simple post and let the person reading this know that You are Lovable no matter what.


– MJ 170620

Published by MJ

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57 thoughts on “Mental Health

  1. Sometimes it is absolutely essential to take a step back and self-reflect, self-care, and know that everything is going to be ok and there are people in the universe who care and are sending positive vibes and energy. Thank you.

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  2. I am a fan of your work. It’s real and it strikes a chord within me. All of us made mistakes at one point or another, and many persons berate themselves for long periods of time due to those errors. We are meant to learn from our mistakes, not limit our lives because of them. Sometimes that fact is forgotten as people bemoan their past actions. This poem is both an excellent reminder and a ferry of hope. Thank you for writing this.

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