Teachings of Jainism (written in 7th – 5th BCE in Eastern India) are Practiced in the New Decade at the time of Global COVID-19 crisis!!! Let’s read how?

( Image – Lord Mahavira )

Once in the 7th-5th BCE of the Eastern India, Lord Mahavira (once a living Jain Monk before attaining “Moksha” refers to liberation from the cycle of births and deaths as human life is believed to be one full of pains and sufferings) preached Non-Violence against all beings and hence below teachings-

Non-Violence (Sanskrit word for “Ahimsa” and as per Jainism “Ahimsa Parmo Dharam” meaning Non-Violence is the ONLY Religion) against all Living beings.No killing of animals out of our personal selfish motives and hence practicing being Vegetarian for a healthy mind,body and soul.

Practice EqualityTreat all including Animals, Birds or any other Living beings as equals. Hence the Acts of kindness and charity.

Practice Personal Hygiene – Washing hands, Drinking Clean and safe (if possible filtered) water to prevent transmission of Bacteria at ALL TIMES not just at this time of crisis.

Follow the Rule of “Live and Let Live”  ( Sanskrit word for “Jiyo aur Jeeno do“).

Not to forget “Namaste” a gesture of folding both hands to meet and greet others. Scientifically, a way to avoid transfer of germs from one hand to another esp amidst COVID-19 crisis.

Spreading much Love,Life,Care and Respect from Me to You all.

Being a responsible Human NOT just to Humans but to Animals,Birds,and fellow Creatures.

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This article is a strict Reminder to Be and Behave as a responsible Human being and not to preach for a specific religion or hurt anybody’s religious or non-religious sentiments. Please DO NOT spread or leave any Negative comments based of my blog.

Jai Jinendra World 🙏

– MJ Jain 200320