Journey of my Fate Those tough times of pain, hurt,depression and loneliness. That feeling of my Tower crashing down. Me hitting Rock bottom. Those anxious pulses. How can I forget that Time of Darkness. No Hope and Sunshine. Journey of my Fate !! To be continued…. -MJ050819


What is Forgiveness? Is it about forgiving some people from all their sins genuinely? If not,then is it just your own cowardness to let someone hide themselves and be ready to make another mistake? Does people really forgive you NOW and wait for your NEXT disaster? – MJ010619

Introspection in Human Psychology

Every person in this world is born with a split personality. One what he is (that is innate or inborn) and other that he desires to be. He nurtures dreams for his future. Apart from simple ordinary pleasures of life, he wishes to fulfil all demands and luxuries of life. Some people have courage to materializeContinue reading “Introspection in Human Psychology”