Beyond !!!

Once in the Making,

Waited so Long,

Test of Patience,

Endless Efforts,

Fearful Nights,

Mind full of Doubt,

Until I Prayed,

With a Faithful heart,

A beam of Hope,

Made a Wish,

A Miracle unbelievable,

A Result exceeding expectations,

No-where to Beyond !!!

Never stop believing, never stop praying,

Never give into doubts and fear,

There’s always hope, which can take you Beyond !!!

– MJ 161121 🌺🌟🍀

You’re never Alone!

A Stranger on train who made you smile,

A Human guiding your path on a rainy evening,

A Huge Angel feather on your balcony,

Yes, those hidden signs that Uplift us,

Guide us,

Support us,

Sometimes as Humans,

Sometimes as Objects,

Next time you feel and see them just know,

You’re never alone!

– MJ 210821