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Welcome all to the small world of MJ’s posts. I get asked if MJ is my real name? Yes, it is my name’s initials.

Best part about the year 2019 was the start of this blog. A platform that gave me a purpose and a chance to share my feelings, and thoughts to reach out to those hearts I cannot physically reach. A huge out of reach world slowly came closer and without anticipation became an integral part of me. Since, then I tried to inspire others through my awareness and sometimes through my personal experiences. Straight out of my personal diary of high school to this online tool has been a really long travel of my thoughts.

Hope you guys enjoy reading just as much as I enjoy writing and continue supporting my blog with same kindness and love as you’ve always been.

Contact me at InspirationalQuotesbyMJ@gmail.com

An “HONEST” Conversation

Let’s have an “HONEST” chat with ourselves! Let’s EVALUATE us! Are we at the right PLACE? Are we doing what makes us HAPPY? Is this what I always WANTED? How can I make my LIFE fun filled? What can I do today to STRESS LESS? Am I GIVING back to the society? Is my social…

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Wait as I evolve Wait as I pass this test Wait as I make a comeback Wait as I become “Me” again !!! – MJ 170521

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I want to fold my hands and pray for the lives of many Indians and people around the world struggling with COVID. I request y’ll reading this post to pause for a second and pray for Love and Light for the lives of all our and their loved ones. May God Bless us all!!! 🙏🙏🙏…

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