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Welcome all to the small world of MJ’s posts. I get asked if MJ is my real name? Yes, it is my name’s initials.

Best part about the year 2019 was the start of this blog. A platform that gave me a purpose and a chance to share my feelings, and thoughts to reach out to those hearts I cannot physically reach. A huge out of reach world slowly came closer and without anticipation became an integral part of me. Since, then I tried to inspire others through my awareness and sometimes through my personal experiences. Straight out of my personal diary of high school to this online tool has been a really long travel of my thoughts.

Hope you guys enjoy reading just as much as I enjoy writing and continue supporting my blog with same kindness and love as you’ve always been.

Contact me at InspirationalQuotesbyMJ@gmail.com


How quickly we re-route, How quickly we navigate, How quickly one door closes, But this time without guilt, anger or blame, I walked through and walked on, Just as Quickly! – MJ 221122

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👣 The Path 👣

Those people who crossed Paths, But did not walk THE Path. People who met and LEFT, Were never meant to walk THE Path. Cherish the People who walk WITH you, Because right ones walk ALONG and walk Thru! Don’t worry about not fitting in, Worry about loosing yourself while trying to fit in! Walk THE…

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